Twitter is About to Roll Out a Tool Called “verification for organisations”


Recently, Twitter unveiled a brand-new initiative for businesses that would help them distinguish themselves and their network on the microblogging platform.

The verification tool, which was formerly known as Twitter Blue, will initially go live for a small number of carefully chosen businesses before being made available to everyone else. Businesses can fill out a form to request early access to the verification procedure. The waitlist will then include the qualifying organisations.

“We are taking Twitter Blue’s rollout as an opportunity to further enhance and distinguish organizations on Twitter.” As a Twitter-verified subscriber, an organization can link any number of their affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands to their account. “When they do, affiliated accounts will get a small badge of their parent company’s profile picture next to their blue or gold checkmark,” the post reads.

The blog post went on to provide more information about the new verification procedure.

“By creating this connection, we’re making it possible for businesses to create networks within their own organizations–on Twitter. Organizations can affiliate their leadership, brands, support handles, employees or teams. Journalists, sports team players or movie characters can all be affiliated. You name it, we got it. Each affiliate will be verified and officially linked to their parent handle based on a list provided by the parent organization. We will share any new criteria, pricing or process as we update them.”

How can I apply for business verification?

Twitter posted a link to the early access application for Verification for Business on its official handle. Tweet read:

“We will soon launch Verification for Organizations, formerly known as Blue for Business. Today, you can apply for early access via our waitlist here”

Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, has received a lot of attention lately as a result of the adjustments its new owner has made after purchasing the business in a highly publicised USD 44 billion purchase. Musk took some extreme steps to create “Twitter 2.0,” including sacking staff members and high-ranking executives, including the prior CEO, and closing down several work facilities.