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Twitter is blocking some third-party apps

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Twitter is intentionally blocking some third-party apps as part of its plans to enforce its long-standing API rules. Some of the affected apps include Tweetbot and Twitteriffic.

In a post on its Twitters Dev account, the company wrote that is enforcing its long-standing API rules which may result in some apps not working.

Macstories says, to say Twitter’s actions are disgraceful is an understatement. Whether or not they comply with Twitter’s API terms of service, the lack of any advanced notice or explanation to developers is unprofessional and an unrecoverable breach of trust between it and its developers and users.

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Twitter is yet to outline the API rules but some of the apps haven’t been working since last Thursday. It’s also not clear when these apps will get back the API access in the future. Developers have expressed their frustration at Twitter’s decision and non-communication owing to the long-term relationships some have had together.

The blog further argues that Twitter’s actions show a total lack of respect for the role that third-party apps have played in its development and success from its earliest days.

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