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Mercedes-Benz and Google partner for ‘next-gen navigation experience’

by Dennis Mathu
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Mercedes-Benz plans to build its own branded navigation solution in the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MBOS) based on Google’s superior Maps Platform. Mercedes-Benz claims to be the first manufacturer to create its own branded navigation experience using Google Maps data.

According to the two companies, the collaboration allows Mercedes-Benz to create a driving experience that combines “trusted, reliable information from Google Maps with its own unique luxury brand and feel.”

The companies have also agreed to look into expanding their collaboration by leveraging Google Cloud’s leading artificial intelligence (AI), data, and open infrastructure solutions.

This collaboration will result in more detailed information about locations, real-time and predictive traffic information, automatic rerouting, and more, all with the luxury twist that Benz is known for. YouTube will also be available on the infotainment system screen.

Ola Källenius, Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz, said: “We invite only the very best partners to enhance our operating system and to add to the Mercedes-Benz customer experience. Google has been a leader in maps and navigation for many years. With our strategic partnership, we are excited to create unique services and to elevate the level of convenience for our customers. It will be deeply integrated within our signature Mercedes-Benz user interface and fully connected to relevant vehicle functions like the state-of-charge.”

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer, Google and Alphabet, said: “Our partnership with Mercedes-Benz brings advanced technologies from Google Maps Platform, Cloud, and YouTube to help create new experiences for drivers. In addition to enabling Mercedes-Benz to design a customized navigation interface, we’ll provide our AI and data capabilities to accelerate their sustainability efforts, advance autonomous driving, and create an enhanced customer experience.”

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