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10 edtech startups in Kenya that are making a significant impact in the education sector

by Vanessa Waithera
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edtech startups in Kenya that are making a significant impact in the education sector

The number of educational technology (edtech) companies has increased recently in Kenya, where they are using technology to increase access to education and provide students with creative learning options. The following list of 10 Kenyan edtech startups that are having a big effect on the education industry includes:

1. M-Shule
is a mobile learning platform that provides personalized and data-driven education to primary school students. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify areas where students need more support and delivers tailored lessons and assessments to help them improve their academic performance.

2. Eneza Education
Eneza Education is a mobile-based learning platform that provides access to educational content, assessments, and teacher support to students in rural and remote areas. The platform is available in multiple languages and has reached over 5 million learners across Kenya and other African countries.

3. Tangerine
Tangerine is a digital learning platform that provides interactive and engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) content to primary school students. The platform uses animations, simulations, and gamification to make learning fun and effective.

4. Egra Foundation
Egra Foundation is a social enterprise that uses technology to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship among young people. The organization provides training, mentorship, and access to funding to help young people start and grow their businesses.

5. Spire Education
Spire Education is an online learning platform that provides affordable and accessible professional development courses to teachers. The platform offers courses on various topics, including classroom management, pedagogy, and subject-specific content.

6. eLimu eLimu
eLimu is a digital education platform that provides interactive and multimedia content to primary school students. The platform covers the Kenyan national curriculum and is available in both English and Kiswahili. It also includes assessment tools and teacher support resources.

7. Mtabe Mtabe
Mtabe Mtabe is an AI-powered chatbot that provides students with answers to their academic questions via SMS. The chatbot uses natural language processing to understand students’ queries and provides accurate and relevant answers in real-time.

8. Eneza Mama
Eneza Mama is a mobile-based health education platform that provides information and support to expectant and new mothers. The platform offers advice on maternal and child health, nutrition, and family planning.

9. Kidato
Kidato is an online school that provides live and interactive classes to primary and secondary school students. The platform offers a blended learning model, combining synchronous and asynchronous learning, and provides personalized support to each student.

10. Kukua
Kukua is a gaming company that uses gamification to teach children about African culture and history. The company’s flagship game, “Super Sema,” features a young girl who uses technology and creativity to save her village from various challenges.

These edtech startups are transforming education in Kenya by offering innovative and accessible learning solutions to students, teachers, and parents. Their use of technology and data-driven approaches is helping to bridge the educational gap and improve learning outcomes for learners across the country.

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