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Liquid Intelligent Technologies and Microsoft partner to bring Internet to 20 million people in Africa

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 Liquid Intelligent Technologies a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies’ has partnered with Microsoft Corp. to provide high-speed internet access to 20 million people in Africa by the end of 2025.

This ambitious project aims to bridge the digital divide and bring essential resources to those who have been left behind by the rapid pace of technological advancement.

Nic Rudnick, Group Deputy Chairman of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, has stated that access to high-speed connectivity has evolved from being a luxury to becoming an absolute necessity. With a remarkable fibre backbone that extends over 100,000 km across the African continent, Liquid is in an exceptional position to provide high-speed connectivity even to the most remote communities. The company’s vision is to create a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind, and this new investment is a step forward towards realizing that vision.

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The project  is  targeting places like the Democratic Republic of  Congo, Tanzania, and Zambia and will also focus on expanding access to high-speed connectivity  in the remotest areas of Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

The joint initiative seeks  to equip both individuals and enterprises across several of the United Nations’ underdeveloped nations with the tools necessary to address the digital divide, while facilitating the transition of additional African countries into the realm of digital economy.

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Vickie Robinson, the General Manager of Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, emphasised the importance of internet access as a fundamental right that fosters economic opportunity and development.

“This new collaboration with Liquid Intelligent Technologies builds upon our existing collaboration to catalyse economic growth and development in Africa, enabling us to accelerate our efforts to extend high-speed internet to a quarter of a billion people by the end of 2025, including 100 million in Africa.” said Robinson.

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According to Robinson strategic partnerships help to bridge digital divide and promote equitable access to connectivity, especially in crucial markets.

Microsoft’s Airband Initiative is collaborating with a diverse range of organizations to create, execute, and maintain programs that provide custom connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of specific communities. These collaborations involve working closely with broadband providers, local internet service providers (ISPs), energy partners, international groups, and municipal governments to deliver internet access to areas that have been left behind by traditional infrastructure. The initiative’s ultimate goal is to connect unserved or underserved communities all over the globe with reliable, high-speed internet access.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to the mission and ambition of the United Nations, Microsoft is co-chairing its LDC5 Private Sector Forum where we will explore ways that digital development can further these goals and help make them a reality,” said Brad Smith, Microsoft’s vice chair and president.

The rapid uptake of digital technologies across the continent of Africa has grown exponentially in recent times. However, this has also highlighted a significant issue – the digital divide in Africa is widening, as access to high-speed connectivity remains a challenge for many Africans. Despite the abundance of digital tools and resources, their effectiveness is compromised without sufficient access.

This initiative is expected to be instrumental in securing the future of Africans on the continent, as both companies work towards creating a truly inclusive digital economy. By bridging the gap in high-speed connectivity, these initiatives are paving the way for a brighter future, where the full potential of digital technologies can be realised in Africa.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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