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Mitsubishi teases multiple upcoming cars including EVs and non EVs

by Dennis Mathu
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Mitsubishi has recently announced that it will be launching 16 new vehicles globally in the next five years, nine of which will be electric. One of these electric vehicles will be a pickup truck.

This announcement is in line with Mitsubishi’s long-term goal of having electric vehicles account for 50% of sales by 2030, and ultimately 100% by 2035. In their lineup, Mitsubishi defines “xEVs” as hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles.

The ASX, which is a compact crossover from Mitsubishi alliance partner Renault, is the first of the nine electric vehicles that has already launched overseas. It offers mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Despite the push towards electrification, Mitsubishi still plans to launch seven vehicles that will be powered purely by an internal-combustion engine over the next five years. Additionally, the automaker is developing a new three-row SUV and a body-on-frame SUV, which may replace the current Pajero Sport.

To support the development of these vehicles, Mitsubishi is planning to increase R&D spending and capital expenditure by 30% over the next six years compared to what they spent in the past six years. It’s an ambitious goal, but Mitsubishi is committed to pushing towards a more sustainable future.

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