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BMW and AirConsole launch in-car gaming competition with cash rewards and a trip to Munich HQ


BMW is set to take in-car entertainment to the next level by partnering with AirConsole to bring gaming to its cars. 

AirConsole, based in Switzerland, has a cloud gaming platform which is designed to provide casual games to TVs, Chrome web browsers, and other screens. The plan is to make it available on BMW’s curved display. 

BMW and AirConsole are now hosting a competition to create video games specifically tailored to in-car gaming. The goal is to create compelling gamed experience in any genre, designed for in-car gaming and accessible to casual audiences, while using the smartphone as the game controller. Users can connect their phones to their car screen by scanning a QR code. 

Developers can submit their game ideas on the contest’s official website until June 8, with four winners receiving €5,000 ($5,328) each to develop their prototype by October 9. The most promising prototypes – which will be announced on November 6 – will be funded by AirConsole and included on its platform, as well as in BMW vehicles. Additionally, the winners will be invited to BMW Group’s headquarters in Munich.

While BMW is not the first automaker to bring gaming to its cars, the addition of AirConsole’s platform and the competition to create games specifically for in-car entertainment will undoubtedly make its vehicles especially as a way to pass time while waiting in charging stations. The Theatre Screen, which was introduced on the i7 flagship sedan, is a massive 31.0-inch display with Amazon Fire TV in an 8k resolution, making it one of the best rear-seat entertainment canvases for sedan passengers. With these developments, gaming on BMW’s in-car display promises to be an immersive experience that will take in-car entertainment to a whole new level.