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Bamboo Capital Partners joins the SSNUP to  bolster  productivity of smallholder farmers in Africa

Bamboo Capital Partners a specialist impact investor in emerging and frontier market  has joined the Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme (SSNUP) as an impact investor.

Bamboo Capital Partners works with development agencies and financial institutions to develop innovative financing solutions that deliver lasting impact at scale through its range of catalytic, commercial and blended impact funds. As part of SSNUP, Bamboo will be able to help agribusinesses scale up their services and strengthen their capacities, which in turn will help deliver sustainable jobs, income and positive impact for smallholder farmers.

Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, Founder and Managing Partner, Bamboo Capital Partners, said:“Bamboo is very pleased and proud to be joining SSNUP and excited to offer the opportunity to invest in companies in the agricultural sector to receive technical assistance that will ultimately benefit smallholder farmers. It is a programme that catalyses value chains to positively impact 50 million vulnerable people.”

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SSNUP’s aims is to increase the resilience of smallholder farmers and agricultural value chains. The programme is scheduled to run for ten years with an overall target budget of EUR€55 million. It co-finances technical assistance projects that strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers and value chain actors such as SMEs, agricultural cooperatives, microfinance institutions and other agricultural financial intermediaries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

SSNUP brings many benefits to smallholder farmers including greater productivity, sustainability, resilience and job creation. For financial service providers, SMEs and cooperatives it strengthens governance, increases capacity, efficiency and ESG compliance.

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The programme is run by ADA (Appui au développement autonome), a non-governmental organisation, based in Luxembourg, whose mission is to increase the autonomy of vulnerable communities in Africa, Central America and South-East Asia with inclusive finance, thereby contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

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