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Apple patents reveals advanced cornering light system for its upcoming electric car

Apple has already filed approximately 150 patents related to its Project Titan car development. The most recent one filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) concerns cornering headlights.

Apple’s engineers have devised a clever system that improves visibility around the vehicle while also improving cornering light capabilities.

The headlights are made up of a single housing that incorporates two light sources. The first offers the standard low-beam and high-beam modes, while the second is for the cornering light.

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The patent also mentions the possibility of an additional shutter that would block a portion of the light emitted by the first light source in low-beam mode. The shutter could also be used to cut off the cornering light and distinguish it from the standard low-beam headlight.

To illuminate the vehicle’s exterior, a second reflector is placed behind the second light source (the corner light portion of the body).

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The patent depicts additional light sources positioned around the projection lens for increased luminosity. In fact, the system may be able to emit light through a central lens using the two main light sources. Essentially, the two light sources are combined to form a single, powerful high-beam light.

Dennis Mathu
Dennis Mathu
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