Uber drivers to get bespoke EV charging deals on BP Pulse network


BP, the British oil giant, has announced a global collaboration and charging agreement with Uber, which will offer “bespoke” charging solutions to Uber drivers across its EV charging network.

Uber intends to convert its entire fleet to entirely electric vehicles with zero emissions by 2030 in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and by 2040 in the rest of the world. 

The two companies’ agreement would see BP offer “bespoke deals” to Uber drivers of electric vehicles, providing incentives for them to use the BP Pulse EV charging network. Currently the network has 22,000 charging sites in 10 countries with a goal to have over 100,000 charging stations worldwide by 2030.  

These customized packages will be tailored to each country’s market. In addition, the two companies stated the they would also “look into collaborating on convenience and fuel offers.”

Richard Bartlett, CEO, BP Pulse said: “Drivers on Uber’s platform need great value access to the fast, reliable charging infrastructure we’re building as they make the switch to electric. We’re investing billions of dollars worldwide in high-speed EV charging, digital products and services, and large scale BP Pulse Gigahubs that will help commercial customers eliminate tailpipe emissions.” 

Uber and BP Pulse began their strategic partnership in 2021, when BP established its first quick commercial charging center on Park Lane in London. Uber was BP’s first ride-hailing platform partner customer to gain access to the new hub, which provides charge points to Uber drivers. London is Uber’s most electrified market, with over 15% of Uber miles driven in the city being electric.