Nigeria’s cryptocurrency platform Roqqu receives regulatory approval to operate in South Africa


Roqqu, a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange platform has received a regulatory approval to operate in South Africa allowing its users to deposit and withdraw the South African Rand (ZAR) to and from their Roqqu wallets.

This move by Roqqu is aimed at increasing the global adoption and accessibility of cryptocurrency   as well as contribute to the emergence of an age of borderless transactions in cryptocurrency.

Head of Product at Roqqu, Mr. Israel Ololade ,said that in the intensive research done to streamline strategic cities and countries to pioneer Roqqu’s target of global adoption and borderless transactions, they found the move to South Africa as expedient. He stated that about Four million South Africans own cryptocurrencies and that overall, South Africa ranks 18th out of 26 countries for crypto adoption, according to the report which surveyed 217,947 people in 26 selected countries as facts to back his claim.

He also stated that from South Africa, the spread to more African countries in that region would be with even more ease. With all this in mind, the Roqqu team decided to take steps towards this expansion and are currently making “BIG MOVES” as the first Nigerian-based Crypto exchange, driving crypto adoption in other African countries.

The benefits of using this platform include,the ability to perform global remittance without having to download a second app and access to a wider range of fiat currency options up to 100+ .