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Huawei launches new solar solution for electric cars ,homes to reduce carbon levels

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Huawei has launched a new solar solution for electric cars ,homes and industry solar power systems.

The project which has been dubbed ‘Long Distance Runner is aimed  to facilitate transition from traditional energy sources like coal to green and renewable energy sources like solar.

 Oliver Du Peng, Huawei East Africa digital power chief executive officer said,“With solar, the business is totally different. We are trying to decelerate carbon levels globally”.

According to Huawei ,this initiative is premised on four main technological dimensions, namely watt, battery, thermal, and bit energy, all of which are renewable.

The project is  more efficient than other traditional energy sources like gasoline and coal and is more environmentally friendly.

The company hopes that the project will help expand its global presence as a giant partner in mitigating climate change.

The company’s transition to solar energy has been inspired by four principles: profitability, enablement, simplicity, and the eco-friendly nature of solar energy which provide a good framework for policies and capabilities for their clients to do business.

The company aims to make solar the primary source of energy for homes and organizations so as to ensure much more efficient power production through its smart string inverters.

The company has also rolled out artificial intelligence in power production.

With artificial intelligence (AI), Huawei says it is now able to carry out product quality inspections as well as AI-based battery cell warning.

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