WhatsApp introduces new privacy features: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup


WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, is reinforcing its commitment to user privacy with the introduction of two new features: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup.

“These updates aim to provide enhanced protection and control over incoming calls and privacy settings, ensuring a safe and secure communication experience for users,” noted the social media platform via its blog.

Silence Unknown Callers is designed to address the issue of spam, scams, and calls from unknown individuals. By activating this feature, users can automatically screen out unwanted calls, preventing them from ringing on their phones.

However, these calls will still be visible in the Call list in case they turn out to be important.

To further empower users with privacy controls, WhatsApp has introduced Privacy Checkup. This step-by-step feature acts as a comprehensive guide, walking users through crucial privacy settings and helping them choose the appropriate level of protection.

“By selecting the “Start checkup” option in the Privacy settings, users can easily navigate through multiple privacy layers, reinforcing the security of their messages, calls, and personal information.”

With these new privacy features, WhatsApp aims to provide a safe space for communication, ensuring that users have a protected environment to interact with friends and loved ones.

The constant focus on privacy and security is a testament to WhatsApp’s commitment to protecting user data and providing a trustworthy platform for communication.

By consistently introducing new layers of privacy, such as end-to-end encryption, Chat Lock, Disappearing Messages, and now Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup, “WhatsApp strives to remain at the forefront of safeguarding user privacy in the digital age.”

The latest features are available to users now.