Startup Wise Guys, SaaS Accelerator Program in Africa open for applications, €100K awarded in equity


Startup Wise Guys, a renowned global accelerator, has announced that applications are open for its SaaS (Software as a Service) Accelerator Program in Africa.

The deadline to apply is September 7th, 2023.

This program aims to provide extensive support and guidance to SaaS startups in the region, helping them navigate the challenges of building a successful company.

According to the site, the program is mainly for English-speaking East and West African early-stage digital B2B SaaS startups with initial traction, a solid team, and a focus on FinTechn, AgriTech and ClimaTech.

“You are an early-stage B2B SaaS startup with at least two co-founders or team members and you are building initial customer traction, MRR or revenues.”

The SaaS acceleration Africa program offered by Startup Wise Guys is designed to optimize the growth and development of participating startups.

Through tailored guidance and support from world-class mentors and experts, entrepreneurs will gain invaluable insights and strategies to revolutionize their go-to-market approach.

“Our program is an intense journey that empowers startups to level up their SaaS businesses. We understand the passion and dedication of entrepreneurs in Africa, and our accelerator program aims to provide them with the necessary tools and network to thrive.”

One of the key features of the program is the opportunity for startups to connect with a constantly expanding network of like-minded founders, practitioners, and investors.

This network will enable participants to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations, fostering a supportive ecosystem for growth.

Key benefits include funding of up to €100K investment for equity (70K cash + 30K program) with a follow-on possibility.

“Grow your knowledge by getting access to our program and grow thanks to weekly 1:1 support in areas like sales, marketing, pitching among others. Also, we have a vast network of connections and participants get access to top-notch industry experts joining a network of +600 founders, +350 mentors and +200 investors.”

To apply for the SaaS Africa program, entrepreneurs can visit the Startup Wise Guys SaaS Africa official website.

According to the site, if entrepreneurs already have a company profile in Dealum, the application process can be completed with just a few clicks to share the relevant data. For newcomers to the system, a series of up to 30 business-related questions will be asked during the application process.

After submitting their applications, entrepreneurs can expect a processing time of 2-3 weeks.

It is important to note that all communication regarding the program will be conducted through the Dealum platform’s messaging system.

Entrepreneurs are advised to keep a close eye on their Dealum account for updates and notifications.

“We encourage entrepreneurs to provide a correct email address during the application process, as Dealum will be sending important notifications via email. To stay updated, we recommend turning on all email notifications in your account settings.”

The SaaS Accelerator Program in Africa is expected to provide a significant boost to the SaaS startup ecosystem in the region.

By offering tailored support, access to mentors and experts, and fostering valuable partnerships, the program aims to accelerate the growth and success of SaaS startups in Africa.