How to use Jani: Your hassle-free E-bus commute companion


In the bustling city of Nairobi, where daily commuting can be a challenging task, BasiGo, a visionary company, took a step towards revolutionizing the transportation scene. 

In March 2020, they introduced Electric Buses, and the response from passengers was overwhelming. 

Witnessing the growing demand for this eco-friendly mode of transport, BasiGo decided to further enhance the commuting experience for Nairobians with the launch of their new reservation app, Jani.

“Jani, a revolutionary reservation app, is designed with a clear mission – to make the E-bus commute experience accessible, seamless and stress-free for passengers. By partnering with Nairobi’s most prominent bus operators, Jani aims to offer hassle-free commuting like never before,” BasiGo notes.

The app allows users to book a ride on one of BasiGo’s comfortable and modern electric buses well in advance. 

It is a welcome change for the commuters who are used to waiting in long queues just to buy tickets and then enduring the uncertainty of overbooking or standing uncomfortably during the journey

The Jani app is user-friendly and intuitive. To get started, passengers need to download the app from the Google Play Store and create an account. 

Once logged in, they could browse through the available routes and choose their preferred bus operator.

But the convenience does not end there. Jani allows users to select their seats in advance, ensuring a comfortable journey with no worries about finding a place to sit. 

With real-time updates on the bus’s estimated time of arrival and any potential delays, Jani ensures that passengers could plan their trips efficiently and avoid unnecessary waiting.

Why Choose Jani?

The benefits of using Jani are clear and compelling:

  1. Skip the Queues: Jani allows passengers to book their bus tickets in advance, eliminating the need to wait in long, tiring queues.
  2. Seat Selection: Passengers could choose their preferred seats, assuring them of a comfortable ride every time.
  3. Real-Time Updates: With Jani, commuters are kept informed about their journey, including the bus’s expected arrival time and any possible delays. This feature proves invaluable for timely planning.
  4. Reliability: Jani provides a reliable commuting experience, ensuring that passengers could count on a smooth and hassle-free ride.

As Jani launched, it initially offered bookings for BasiGo electric buses operating on the Nyayo Estate-CBD route with Embassava Sacco. However, the team at Jani was ambitious and had exciting expansion plans. 

They were looking forward to adding more routes in the coming weeks, making the E-bus commute accessible to even more passengers across Nairobi.

The story of Jani is a tale of progress, innovation, and the determination to create a better future. With Jani, the daily commute in Nairobi would never be the same again, and BasiGo had taken a giant leap towards transforming urban transportation for the better.