Egypt-based AI recruitment company Talents Arena raises $750,000 for expansion into Saudi


Egypt-based AI recruitment company Talents Arena, has raised a $750,000 pre-Seed funding round from UI Investments, alongside several Saudi and regional angel investors.The new funds will be channelled towards Talents Arena’s expansion plans into Saudi Arabia and the GCC

Founded in 2019 by Aya Elgebeely, Talents Arena is an  AI-powered recruitment platform featuring a talents mining engine and automation features. Since its launch,the company has successfully made more than 180,000 job matches and placed thousands of candidates in suitable tech jobs, using its unique talent mining engine and automation features.

“Our talent mining engine leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning models that draw upon hundreds of thousands of human decisions to find hidden gems in the talent market and match them with suitable vacancies. This, in return, automates and streamlines the hiring process for both employers and job seekers,” said Aya Elgebeely, Founder and CEO of Talents Arena.

Besides being a Flat6Labs portfolio company, Talents Arena is also an alumnus company of Plug and Play renowned startup accelerator program. The company’s success in securing this pre-seed funding demonstrates strong investor confidence in the significant market opportunity in the Middle

Talents Arena’s AI engine aims to disrupt traditional hiring practices by significantly reducing time-to-hire, improving job matchmaking, and enabling startups, corporates and governments to monitor and optimise their hiring process and meet hiring KPIs. By bringing technological advancement to recruitment, the company is set to become the go-to recruitment solution for companies in the Middle Eastern market and beyond.

“This funding milestone enables us to accelerate the development of our AI hiring engine and expand our footprint in the Saudi market that already accounts for 25% of our client base,” Elgebeely added. “We are excited to bring our cutting-edge technology to businesses across industries in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, helping hiring managers and recruiters find talents faster with higher accuracy and at a better economical value.