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Telehealth app BYON8 adds fitness plans, nutrition, mindfulness to fulfill its health super-app status in Kenya

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BYON8, a digital health app has added personalized  fitness  plans,  nutritional  guidance, mindfulness activities, and, of course, immediate access to professional medical advice to its telehealth platform, further affirming its commitment to holistic, versatile, and convenient healthcare.

The upgrade aims to transform the BYON8 app into a comprehensive health and wellness  platform in the Kenyan market.

“In our continuous pursuit of excellence and improvement, we understand that health is more than just the absence of disease that is why we emphasise on Go-Full circle as a holistic approach to health,” said Josef Murad, CEO of BYON8.

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“Our new features are designed to address all facets of health – physical, mental, and nutritional. This holistic approach empowers our users to actively manage and optimize their health conveniently.” Connecting preventative healthcare with primary and secondary care. Your daily health is connected to your personal doctor 24/7 to achieve the best results possible and let nothing slow you down.

In addition to the current telehealth services, users can look forward to an array of versatile new features.

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A comprehensive suite of holistic features to assist you in managing your health and fitness goals more efficiently. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Cal BMR & Cal Activity

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Personalized calculations of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and calories burned from daily activities, providing a complete picture of your energy expenditure.

Wellness Points

An engaging system that rewards you with points for maintaining your health and fitness regimen, promoting consistent healthy behaviours.

Weight Tracking

Monitor your weight over time with our intuitive tracking feature, allowing you to see your progress and adjust your health plans accordingly.

Visual Health Charts

Get an overview of your wellness journey with weekly, monthly, and yearly charts that visualize your fitness metrics and progress.


Add a bit of friendly competition to your wellness journey. Compare your progress with friends, family, or other app users on our leaderboard.

Interactive Home Screen Activity Button

Your step count and calories burned (both BMR and activity) are displayed on the home screen. This feature comes alive as you start your day, expanding as you begin walking.

Workout, Meditation, and Yoga Videos

Access a wide range of professionally guided video sessions right from the app, including workouts, meditation sessions, and yoga classes to add versatility to your health routine.

All these features come together to create a more convenient, holistic, and versatile health and wellness experience.

The app further enhances your dietary management by offering a range of innovative features to simplify meal planning and preparation:

Daily Meal Suggestions: Benefit from three daily meal recommendations, with the ability to swap suggestions using interactive cards for fresh meal ideas, catering to various dietary preferences and goals.

Guided Recipes: Click on any meal suggestion to access step-by-step guided recipe screens, making it easier to cook healthy meals at home.

Shareable  Content:  Have  the  convenience  of  sharing  or  copying  shopping  lists, instructions, or full recipes directly from the app, making grocery shopping and meal preparation more efficient.

Cloud-Stored  Recipes:  Enjoy  access  to  a  continuously  updated  selection  of  recipes stored in the cloud, allowing for regular updates without needing new app releases.

These additions promise to make meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking a more versatile and convenient experience, supporting your journey towards holistic wellness.

Try out these features on the Byon8 app and transform your dietary habits today and redefine your path to wellness!

With this upgrade, BYON8 reaffirms its commitment to delivering a versatile, all-in-one health platform, helping Kenyans manage their health and wellness journey in the most convenient way possible, from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else.

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