Home Motoring Ford unveils limited-edition Platinum Black F-150 Lightning pick up dressed in matte black

Ford unveils limited-edition Platinum Black F-150 Lightning pick up dressed in matte black

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Ford is introducing the Platinum Black Special Edition to its F-150 Lightning lineup. This new package includes a matte black paint job for the electric pickup truck, as well as special badging, wheels, lighting, and interior details.

The 2024 F-150 Lightning Platinum Black will be sold in limited quantities of 2000 units, with delivery beginning in early 2024. It’s based on the top Platinum trim and starts at $99,990, which is a little more than the $93,290 starting price of the 2023 Lightning Platinum trim.

For that extra cash, Ford will equipped your black truck with:

– 22″ matte black wheels and lug nuts;

– a black Ford badge;

– power-deployable running boards with Agate Black gloss accent;

– a soft-shell black tonneau cover;

– a “distinctive smoked signature light bar”;

– a reflective black-on-black Lightning badge that appears to glow when lights flash over it at night;

– an Agate Black gloss roof “that blends with the glass to create a smooth surface, making the non-reflective matte black exterior stand out even more”;

– Agate Black door handles “to protect this high-touch area from smudging”;

– Lightning graphics on roof glass above passenger seating;

– “Luxe black premium Nirvana leather seating surfaces”;

– an aluminum plate in both the frunk and inside the driver’s door jamb with limited edition numbering.

Furthermore, all of the usual Platinum variant’s features will be carried over to this Special Edition, including the Extended Range battery pack, the 580-hp dual-motor powertrain system, and the same 300-mile EPA-rated range.

Owners will also receive the new features introduced in all 2024 model-year F-150 Lightnings, which include an automatic lock function which locks the truck while you exit and walking away with the key in your pocket, as well as the enhanced BlueCruise 1.2 hands-free driver-assist technology. F – 150 Models from previous years will get this 2024 features via an over the air update.

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