Cairo-based fintech HEDG raises six-figure pre-Seed round to expand its presence in Egypt


Cairo-based fintech startup HEDG has secured a six-figure pre-Seed funding round from local and Saudi investors aimed to to expand its presence in Egypt and enhance its B2B offerings.

Founded by tech visionaries Ahmed Abdel Moaty and Ahmed Eraqi in July 2022, HEDG is set to revolutionise retirement planning for private workers in Egypt. 

Backed by this substantial investment, HEDG is gearing up to redefine traditional retirement services through seamless digital experiences and tailored retirement plans. What sets HEDG apart is its focus on addressing the specific needs of Egypt’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), offering alternative savings and investment avenues. 

Aiming even higher, HEDG is on the cusp of introducing a pioneering B2B module. This module is primed to empower businesses, from startups to corporations, in providing robust pension solutions for their employees. By doing so, HEDG is not only reshaping the financial tech landscape but also fostering a new era of financial inclusivity. 

HEDG’s tech-forward approach, dedication to transforming retirement services, and strategic corporate partnerships underline its potential to redefine Mena’s financial landscape. As it refines its offerings and expands its presence in Egypt, HEDG is positioned to become a fintech trailblazer, charting a new course for the entire region.