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How to Transfer a Vehicle in Kenya Using the NTSA TIMS System

NOTE: If not logged in and registered with the TIMS system, see How to sign up 

The Transfer of Vehicle Ownership – The Seller Procedure

  • To reach the Transfer menu, click the Vehicle Registration button followed by “Apply for Transfer of Ownership”.
  • Enter the registration number of the car you wish to transfer after clicking the “Create New” button.
  • After viewing the vehicle’s details by clicking view, you can upload a scanned copy of the logbook.
  • Select the person/non-person/financier under “New Vehicle Owner” before entering the buyer’s information.
  • Enter the National/Alien ID and PIN for individuals, and the PIN and Add Button for businesses and financial institutions.
  • Click “Send verification code” after selecting mobile phone under Security Verification.
  • Check the “Disclaimer” displayed and enter the verification code that was delivered to your phone number.

Procedure for Buyers: Acceptance/Refusal of Ownership

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  • Buyer will be notified through SMS to accept the transfer of the car after Seller files request. Therefore, in order to accept or reject the transfer, the Buyer must sign into his NTSA TIMS account.
  • To examine the vehicle’s details, click the ACCEPT OWNERSHIP button, enter the registration number, and then click Inquire followed by examine.
  • Choose “mobile” as the verification mode from the security verification menu, then click the “Send to Buyer’s Phone” button.
  • Enter the received verification code in the corresponding field, then select whether to accept or reject the transfer.
  • If you agree, fill out all the necessary information, then click the submit button to send the data to the NTSA for processing and the issuing of a logbook within seven working days.
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