How to Make Your Instagram Account Appear Offline


Several distinct things happen when you appear offline on Instagram. And the Activity Status is the center of attention.

To begin with, turning off your Activity Status will make you appear offline to other people on Instagram. That implies that when you actively view photographs and videos on the platform, no one can see.

Additionally, turning off your Activity Status will also make the counter that displays the duration of your most recent offline time invisible.

In other words, you can effectively make your profile’s Activity Status completely invisible.

However, doing so prevents you from being able to view the Activity Status of others.

Therefore, you must have the Activity Status function turned on if you want to know when other people are online.

how to turn off your activity status on the iOS or Android version of the Instagram mobile app.

  • Activate Instagram and select your profile image.
  • In the top right corner, select the hamburger menu (three-line menu.
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Click Activity Status after scrolling down.
  • And finally, turn Activity status off.

How to Change Your Instagram Activity Status on a Desktop

  • Select your profile image by clicking there.
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Security and privacy.
  • Switch off the Show activity status box.
  • All there is to that is that.

Once you toggle the Activity Status box off from that menu, your online status and history are essentially invisible to everyone.

Keep in mind that if you turn this option off, you can’t see the status of other users’ activities either.