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How to Use Your NTSA TIMS Account to Apply for a Change in Car Color

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Kenyan legislation stipulates that you must have the following in order to change your car’s color:

  • Original Logbook.
  • National ID copy.
  • Log in to the NTSA application.
  • 1,000 shilling application cost, plus 600 shillings for a duplicate log book and 400 shillings for a change in color.
  • When you want to change the color of your car, these factors are crucial.

Steps to Change Color

  • Log in to NTSA TIMS online system(see how to log in) if you haven’t signed up see How to register
  •  After successful login, on the left hand column click on “Apply for change of particulars“.
  •  On the right hand column click on ‘create new’
  • Click on the vehicle and choose the details you would like to change(follow the directions given on the website)

Things You Must Know Before Changing Car Color

  • Colors like Olive green are not permitted as they are meant for defense.
  • Black color has disadvantages of dust cleaning after wax.
  • Get you car painted with the same color as it is approved.
  • Get a letter of approval from the RTO that issued your RC book then head to your workshop and repaint your car.

In the end, it is that simple to change the color of your car because occasionally you may possess one whose color you dislike. Additionally, you should be aware that when you wish to sell the vehicle as a secondhand vehicle, changing the color of your car can cause its worth to decrease by a specific proportion.

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