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How to Control Notifications on an iPad or iPhone

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Users of mobile devices can benefit from push notifications. Without ever unlocking your phone’s screen, you may check social media or get updates from your favorite apps. Some websites and apps, however, can be quite grating. Would you prefer your iPhone to stop receiving pointless notifications? The procedure is fairly easy.

Managing the push notifications

You will need to adjust the settings because these notifications are built into the operating system. Here are the steps to complete it correctly:

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Get your iPhone’s settings app open.

 Locate the menu item “notifications,” which is represented by an icon of a white rectangle with a white dot.

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 Select one of the options by tapping the “Show previews” line.

  • Allow notifications whenever they are ready to be displayed.
  • When Unlocked — allow notifications only during active use of the phone
  • Never — obviously, never get any system messages.

The cryptic slider next to the word “Allow notifications” will enable or disable them.

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There are numerous options available in the “Alerts” section:

  • When your phone is blocked, alerts are permitted on the lock screen.
  • Alerts are automatically forwarded to the notification center, which you can access by sliding down from the top of the screen.
  • Banners — alerts are only permitted when you use the unblocked phone.

There are two choices for Banner Style or Show as Banners in iOS11:

  • Temporary: All of the messages will be displayed for a brief time before being removed.
  • All system messages are persistent and remain active until they are read.

Notifications can also be changed to make them slightly more useful for you particularly. Any combination of preferences may be used:

  • The switch next to “Sounds” will turn off any unnecessary alert sounds. Emergency or public safety warnings are significant alerts.
  • Badges is a feature that reveals how many notifications come from a specific app. The icons on your screen are covered in these red digits.
  • You can manage notifications and how they appear on your iPhone’s screen in the Show Previews section. If necessary, you might pay extra attention to voicemails and SMS.
  • You can verify the alerts that are saved in the center by selecting the option to show history.
  • You can manage notifications by app if you’re an iOS 12 user. Go to “Notification grouping” to get started.

iPhones’ unique push notifications

You can receive alerts for Amber, Emergency, or Public Safety in addition to the regular messages you receive from your apps and websites. Law enforcement agencies provide amber notifications (only to iPhone users in the US, Canada, and some parts of Europe). Emergency alerts are notifications of hazardous weather conditions or other perilous situations. When there is a potential risk to human life, official governmental entities can issue public safety alerts, which were first introduced in iOS 12.

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