Threads unveils Edit button


Meta-owned Threads has unveiled a highly requested feature – an Edit button.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced on his official Thread account, marking the commencement of the edit button’s rollout to all Threads users.

This feature enables users to modify their posts within a brief window after publication.

During the initial five minutes, users can make unlimited edits, but the option is then locked. This capability is accessible on both mobile apps and the web and is already accessible to some users.

It’s worth noting that this functionality is complimentary but comes with a more stringent time limit compared to Twitter’s version.

Threads does not maintain a history of edited posts, which means it’s less evident when a post has been altered. Instead, it simply indicates whether a post has been edited at all.

Additionally, Threads is introducing “Voice Threads” today, enabling users to attach audio clips to their posts. However, it doesn’t appear to be widely available yet, particularly on Android.

This announcement coincides with Threads’ preparations to launch a “Trends” feature, aiming to enhance its competitiveness with X (Twitter).

It is worth noting that this development came to light when a Threads user noticed the feature in a screenshot inadvertently shared by a Threads employee. The screenshot displayed a numbered list of trending topics, along with data on the number of ongoing discussions related to each topic.

Unlike X, Threads’ Trends list doesn’t categorize trends by topics like News and Sports, and it lacks a personalized “For You” list. Nevertheless, the introduction of a Trends page is expected to bolster Threads’ competitive stance against X.