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How to activate and utilize the Google Bard Extensions

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The AI assistant may now seamlessly interface with Google’s portfolio of services thanks to the release of Google Bard extensions. Although they are presently only available for Google’s apps, extensions provide several really helpful features.

Now, Bard can automatically retrieve pertinent data from resources such as YouTube, Google Workspace, Maps, Hotels, and Flights. This simplifies the process of organizing travel and other activities without ever diverting from the Bard discussion.

How to Use Google Bard Extensions:

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  • Open Google Bard first, on your PC or mobile device.
  • Right away, a pop-up offering Bard Extensions ought to appear on your screen. Press “Next” to continue.
  • To learn more about the Google Bard extensions, click “Show me more” now.
  • Click on “Continue” to dismiss the information panels.
  • To complete the integration procedure, click “Connect” to establish a connection between Bard and your Google Workspace account.
  • And that’s it, dear! Bard will be connected to all Google services, such as Drive, Docs, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, and so on. Remember that Google Bard does not learn from your personal information.
  • To disable Google Bard Extensions, go to this page (visit) and switch off each toggle individually.

How to Utilize The Bard Extensions for Google 

After successfully granting Bard access to a variety of partner services and linking your Google account to it, let’s look at some real-world instances of how to maximize this newly discovered synergy:

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I first requested Bard to use the Google Flights addon to get me the cheapest flights from Nairobi to Malindi.

I carried with the talk and requested that Google Bard locate me a reasonably priced somewhere to stay in Malindi.

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Bard displayed the results of automatically using wherever you Hotels extension for the specified date.

Then, it used Google Maps within Bard to generate an itinerary.

By entering “@” and the name of the extension, such as @YouTube or @Google Flights, you can also manually designate the extension to use for a specific operation. This gives you exact control over when you wish Bard to use a particular service.

The Google Bard extensions highlight the enormous potential of an AI assistant that can communicate directly with well-known online businesses, even though it is still early in the game. It offers a peek of the simplified, AI-powered digital experiences of the future.

Now that Google’s tools are integrated, Bard can handle complex queries more easily than before. For their initial release, the extensions have outstanding capabilities.

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Yvone Kendi
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