How to Update your NTSA TIMS account phone number


The NTSA notifies the public that due to platform misuse, requests to modify phone numbers on the TIMS site have been disabled. You will need to bring your original ID to the local NTSA office to get your phone number changed.


Present all the required documents when you visit the NTSA office:

1. Show the legitimate national identity card.

2. Give the original national identity card in copy form.

3. The account holder needs to show up in person.

The initial affidavit.

Note: A sworn written statement from an individual is called an affidavit. The person is taking an oath that what they are saying is accurate.


Present the necessary paperwork when you visit the NTSA office:

  • On the original company letterhead, request a phone change.
  •  The original incorporation certificate.
  • KRA PIN.
  • Initial CR12.
  • The original affidavit, which should have been approved by legal counsel, should list the person’s full name, ID number, and KRA PIN along with their authorization to transact on the company’s behalf.
  • The resolution from the meeting at which the phone number change was decided. The explanation for the number change must be stated.
  •  A copy of the director(s)’ IDS.
  • Carry copies of All documents mentioned above.