How to transfer user profiles to another domain (including apps!) Either Windows 10 or Windows 11


The old domain user profiles won’t be automatically available after switching to a new domain. then each user will need to have it recreated. Naturally, the process of adding user settings and data to that profile should be as automated as possible, and that’s exactly what we’ll be seeing today.

Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is the product that we’ll be using. It is capable of performing a wide range of migration jobs, one of which is profile migration. Both personalization and all user data are transferred. Additionally, it can, if necessary, migrate user-installed apps. 

The profile SIDs are not impacted by this process, which transfers settings in a manner that is the same as when a human operator transmits data and adjusts settings by hand. This section makes sure that no traces of the previous domain are “trashed” into the new one.

This is how the procedure runs:

How to move user profiles to a new domain from an old PC

On the source computer, log in as the original old domain user (OLD-DOMAIN\USER).

On the target computer, log in as the new domain user (NEW-DOMAIN\USER) in place of the old one.

On both computers, launch Zinstall Migration Kit Pro.

Note: The user manual and kit are available here.

The transfer can be done directly over the network between the machines, or it can be captured from the source, stored on a network share, and then deployed to the destination. This last option functions even when you are performing an in-place switch on the same physical machine or when the machines are not physically located in the same place.

On the main screen, change the radio button to “profile and settings only” if you are only interested in transferring your profile and have no intention of transferring programs.

Press the Advanced menu if you want to pick and choose exactly what you wish to move. You can skip the Advanced menu if all you want to do is transfer everything.

To begin the transfer on the new computer, press “Go.”

Depending on the amount of data to be sent, the transfer process may take some time. Once completed, a report will be sent to you.

It should be noted that the Kit can also be used in command-line mode, which helps integrate SCCM with other management tools.

That is all! The migration is finished when the profile contents are moved to the user profile on the new domain.