How to apply for a PSV badge as an NTSA conductor


Register Online: First, create an NTSA account.

  • Use this NTSA Citizens Self-Service Portal to access the NTSA web portal in a browser and apply for a Conductor Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge.
  • First-time applicants to the NTSA portal will need to register on TIMS; selecting the “Register” link will take them to the e-Register an Account page. Individuals, Dealers, Agents, Financial Institutions, Businesses, and Driving Schools register on the platform from this page.
  • To finish the registration procedure, enter one detail and proceed as instructed.
  • Individual Kenyan citizens applying will be required to enter their ID serial number. Take caution not to enter your ID number because the serial number is needed instead.
  • Please Note: The serial number from their previous ID card must be used by applicants who have replaced their ID within the last two years. (If the system rejects any of your information, you should visit the NTSA headquarters.)
  • Include your KRA PIN. Add the maiden name of your mother. Put your phone number or email address along with your occupation.
  • Before clicking the “Submit” button to move on to the next phase, applicants who are applying as aliens must put in their Alien ID serial number, as well as the date of issue of their passport, their KRA PIN, and other required details.
  • Before clicking the “Submit” button to move on to the next step, applicants submitting as a company must provide the company’s valid certificate of incorporation, the company’s KRA PIN, and the KRA PIN of one of the directors.
  • Click the “Verify Mobile/email address” button to request a verification code. To finish the verification procedure, enter the code that appears on your phone or email address in the verification tab.
  • To finish the registration process, make sure all the information is correct and click the “Submit” button.
  • The candidate will receive an email and an SMS on their phone with their username and password.
  • As of right moment, the TIMS platform has you registered.

Open the NTSA account and log in.

  • Use this NTSA Citizens Self-Service site to access the NTSA website after successfully enrolling with the TIMS Platform.
  • To select between logging in with your username, ID number, alien ID number, or certificate of incorporation, click on the Login Method option.
  • Enter the password and user name/ID number.
  • Select the “Get Code” option. Your mobile phone will receive a security code. To access your account, enter the Security Code and click the Sign In button.

Apply for the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge for Conductors.

  • Click the “Driving license” option in the menu bar after logging in, then choose “Apply for Conductor badge” from the drop-down menu.
  • This allows the PSV conductor badge application form to appear. Check fields that have already been filled in, upload your scanned copy of your ID, passport photo, and certificate of good conduct, and complete all the required forms.
  • Click the “Next” button to move on to the payment page after completing the application.

Pay for it.

  • The candidate must select their preferred mode of payment. Payments can be made through a bank or an alternative payment mechanism, such as online mobile banking (like Mpesa).
  • There is a Ksh 1000 conductor badge cost and a Ksh 50 convenience charge. You will have to pay Ksh. 1050 in total for the badge application charge.
  • Once the payment has been made, proceed with the payment by following the given steps. Don’t forget to print the invoice for payment.
  • Click “Submit” after you’re done, and the application will be sent to NTSA for processing.
  • The PSV conductor badge must be approved online before being picked up; once it is, an SMS alert will be delivered.

Get the Conductor Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge by going to the NTSA Office.

  • Visit the NTSA offices listed on the notification message after receiving it, together with your ID card and invoice printout. After the documents are verified by NTSA representatives, the applicants will get their Conductor Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge right away.

How to check the progress of your application

  • Use this NTSA Citizens Self-Service Portal to open the NTSA web portal in a browser.
  • Enter your login information and password to log in, or if you’re a new user, create a new NTSA TIMS account.
  • Once your login has been successful, go to the dashboard and select the “Driving License” option from the menu bar.
  • This will cause every application that has been submitted to be shown, and you will be able to see the status of the documents you have recently applied for.