Fintech Expert, Munyi Nthigah Leads Voriancorelli’s Revolutionary Leap into Kenyan AgriTech


Voriancorelli, a groundbreaking AgriTech firm, has entered the Kenyan market under the adept guidance of Munyi Nthigah, a veteran Fintech expert. 

With a mission to elevate the income of small-holder farmers and foster a commercially viable agricultural sector, Mr Nthigah, assuming the roles of Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for East Africa, brings an extensive 16-year experience in the African Financial Technology landscape.

A significant figure in the realm of financial access solutions and resolving payment fragmentation across Africa, Mr Nthigah’s illustrious career encompasses the founding of CODESIGN AFRICA, a fintech firm dedicated to digital payments and lending in Kenya. 

He’s also a founding member of the Association of Fintechs in Kenya and held a pivotal role as the General Manager at Cellulant Kenya for over nine years.

In a recent statement, Mr Nthigah emphasized the pivotal role of agriculture in the East African economy, constituting 25% of the region’s GDP and supporting approximately 80% of the population. 

He noted, “This importance has spurred global investments in the sector, prompting the launch of Voriancorelli in Kenya. The company aims to amalgamate Fintech and Agriculture expertise, democratizing finance by addressing liquidity and access to capital challenges within agricultural markets.”

Established in 2020, Voriancorelli operates as an AgriTech enterprise tackling liquidity and capital access issues in agricultural sectors. Utilizing distributed ledger technology, the company focuses on establishing social trust within agricultural markets, emphasizing Farmer KYC, market access, and financing. 

The platform’s tools enable both retail and institutional partners to channel capital into agriculture effectively.

The company’s success is already evidenced through its involvement in major agricultural programs like Agrifi – a joint venture with USAID’s Feed the Future, ToroNet, FCMB Group, Royal Exchange General Insurance Company, and CropIT, dedicated to providing alternative financing for smallholder activities in Nigeria.

Aligned with the Agriculture Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy (ASTGS) and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Voriancorelli’s Kenyan launch involves collaborations with processors, franchises, financial institutions, and software companies, aiming to revolutionize financial services in agriculture.

Voriancorelli Kenya, in a celebratory announcement, welcomed Munyi Nthigah as the spearhead of their expansion into the Agricultural and Finance Technology industry in East Africa, underscoring his vast experience and visionary approach to driving positive change in these sectors.

“The move marks a step towards Voriancorelli’s broader vision of establishing a Pan-African AgriTech platform, striving to transform industries for a brighter and greener future,” the firm noted.

The platform’s expansion and innovative strategies seem poised to bring about significant changes in the agricultural landscape, promising a positive impact on the livelihoods of small-holder farmers and the sector’s overall commercial viability.