YouTube Music and Premium subscribers cross the 100 million mark globally

Youtube comment feature

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium has crossed 100 million subscribers, including those guys on trials since the launch of the premium feature in 2015.

YouTube Music was designed for music lovers and YouTube fans who wanted more choice in how they spent time on YouTube, allowing them to enjoy YouTube without interruptions, background play and downloads, and a full music service with the world’s largest catalog.

Now available in over 100 countries and regions, YouTube Music and Premium is continually innovating for an enhanced user experience such as the Premium playback experience including adding the ability to continue watching YouTube across different devices like your smart TVs and tablets and introduced an enhanced version of 1080p HD.

The firm has also experimented with new generative AI features that Premium users were among the first to try. And for listeners, the firm introduced the Samples tab, a lightning fast way to discover new music, a completely customized radio building experience , and brought podcasts to YouTube Music.

According to YouTube, this 20-million-member growth in just over a year underscores the strength of its ”twin engine of advertising and subscriptions revenue”.

YouTube Premium is in its own lane: Offering unparalleled value across YouTube AND YouTube Music, fans can enjoy ad-free access to both apps, and play videos in the background or download them. Plus, they get exclusive access to afterparties, where artists engage with fans directly after their music video Premieres.

Reimagining streaming with YouTube Music: The YouTube Music app has become unrecognizable from its first launch, now seamlessly integrating music streaming with long-form video and short-form video. Connecting these experiences and innovating new ones (like the ones below) are critical in making YouTube the best place to be a music fan:

  • Samples is about lightning-fast discovery. Swipe vertically and then boom – new jams. You can add the songs to playlists, share them with friends, kick off a new radio station, or even use the song to create your own Short.
  • Radio Builder lets you craft the perfect radio station by picking artists, moods, and whether you want to hear familiar favorites or deep cuts.
  • Generative AI playlist covers allow you to create one-of-a-kind cover art that expresses the uniqueness of your playlists.
  • Comments in YouTube Music allow users to engage in the same conversations happening on YouTube and keep music fans connected across the entire ecosystem.
  • Early access to AI innovations: Premium members get an early look at some of the most exciting features coming to YouTube, like a new conversational tool that uses AI to help viewers ask questions about the video they’re watching or request actions like “recommend related content,” all without interrupting playback. Premium members were also among the first to try a generative AI feature that organizes and summarizes topics in large comment sections, giving viewers an easier way to catch up on the conversations happening in a video. For artists, this will help them see what their fans are digging and what they aren’t.

”The music industry is at a critical juncture. Together, we can harness technological innovation to drive unprecedented value for artists and fans, building on our momentum that contributed $6 billion to the music industry in 12 months. From leveraging AI to enhance creative imagination, to seamlessly bridging short-form and long-form content for maximum artist exposure, we can forge a future together where the music industry thrives,” Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music, YouTube.