How to Set Up a LinkedIn Newsletter 


How to Set Up a LinkedIn Newsletter 

You can share your knowledge, grow your following, and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry by using LinkedIn newsletters. This is how to begin: 


Not everyone is now able to get LinkedIn newsletters. You must fulfill specific requirements:

  • Mode of Creator: Activate the Creator Mode feature on your LinkedIn page. 
  • Contribution to stuff: Have been regularly posting interesting stuff on LinkedIn. 
  • Audience: Continue to cultivate a strong following and network.
  • If access is still pending, continue producing excellent material and interacting with your network. Over time, LinkedIn might allow you access. 

Making a newsletter: 

  • Go to the section marked “Write article”: On your LinkedIn homepage, click the “Write article” option at the top. 
  • Publicize as: Choose “Publish as” and the Page you wish to publish the newsletter under if you are a LinkedIn Page manager. 
  • Make a newsletter: Choose “Create newsletter” from the “Manage” dropdown menu that appears near the top right.
  • Complete the information: Choose a publishing frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), enter the title of the newsletter, a brief yet convincing description of the newsletter, and an optional logo or image. 
  • Compose your material: To begin creating your first newsletter article, click “Continue.” Don’t forget to concentrate on important content that appeals to your intended audience.
  • Publish: To share your post with your readers after you’re satisfied with it, click “Publish.” 

Increasing the size of your audience 

  • To advertise your newsletter, add links to it on your blogs, articles, and LinkedIn profile. Urge your subscribers to subscribe. 
  • Make use of LinkedIn groups: To reach a larger audience, share your newsletter in pertinent LinkedIn groups. 
  • Cross-promote: Make sure to advertise your LinkedIn newsletter on any email lists or other social media platforms you may have.

Keeping the audience interested: 

  • Engage in dialogue with comments: To foster a relationship with your subscribers, answer queries and comments on your newsletter.
  • Monitor your data: To check how well your newsletter is doing and to pinpoint areas for improvement, use LinkedIn’s analytics tool. 
  • Make your content more optimized: Make changes to your content to better connect with and engage your audience based on your analytics. 

Other tips 

  • Continue to be consistent: Establish a publishing schedule and follow it to generate interest and maintain readership. 
  • Excellent content: To draw in and hold the interest of your readers, concentrate on offering insightful analysis, practical advice, and captivating narratives. 
  • Visual appeal: To improve your material and give it a more eye-catching appearance, incorporate visual elements such as photos, infographics, and videos.

Call to action: Inspire your audience to act by urging them to visit your website, join your email list, or interact with your material. 

You can build an effective LinkedIn newsletter that aids in the accomplishment of your career objectives by following these guidelines and bearing these suggestions in mind.