How to Upload, Modify, or Delete a LinkedIn Resume


The cutting-edge website LinkedIn has become a vital resource for professionals worldwide when it comes to networking. When the job quest starts or finishes, LinkedIn also offers a great way to generate, edit, or even delete your resume. Create, Modify, or Delete a LinkedIn Resume

As you take on new tasks and responsibilities, you should be upgrading your LinkedIn profile if you’re serious about the professional networking opportunities it offers. Most likely, you have included all of your academic achievements in your profile.

This makes resume writing quick and easy; you may finish your first draft in a matter of minutes. Better yet, it doesn’t need you to grant access to your LinkedIn profile to a third-party resume builder.

How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Create a Resume

  • To begin, select the Jobs option from your LinkedIn page.
  • Click Resume Builder after that.
  • Your most recent résumé is available for upload as a Word or PDF file. Alternatively, you can select Create from your profile to start creating your resume directly from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Put the desired job title in the space provided on the CV.
  • The LinkedIn resume creator rapidly extracts skills, schooling history, work experience, and other details from your profile.
  • To download your resume, select Preview > Download as PDF or click the Download as PDF icon.
  • That is the only thing involved. However, you might need to make some changes to the resume’s parts. Let’s analyze that, then.
  • Once your resume has been completed or updated, you should review the additional advice in the Resume Insights sidebar. This will provide you with information about the keywords that are currently there as well as suggestions for new ones.

LinkedIn facilitates a wide range of interactions, from reading the most recent white papers from the industry to participating in thought-provoking debates inside niche groups. Therefore, a resume on this site isn’t a static file; rather, it’s a dynamic profile that changes over time to reflect both your career path and the spirit, or essence, of your industry.

Naturally, there may come a moment when deleting a résumé is necessary. Maybe you’ve discovered a job that’s ideal for you, or maybe it’s time to start a new professional path. Although you can maintain numerous resumes on LinkedIn, you may still want to remove those that you don’t intend to use in the future. Once more, this is a simple task.

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Resume

  • Click the three dots menu of the resume you wish to delete from the first Resume Builder window, which asks you to select a resume.
  • You are prompted to confirm that you wish to remove the resume in the next dialog. If you’re positive, press Delete.

Use Your Professional Networking Tool to Market Yourself

Personal branding is no longer a mysterious idea exclusive to marketing nerds. It’s now essential. By offering a carefully chosen glimpse into your professional life, your LinkedIn CV helps to shape your brand. It functions similarly to a personal billboard on the opportunities-filled digital highway.