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The Catalyst Fund Invests $1.8 Million in 9 African Climate Tech Startups

The Catalyst Fund has invested $1.8 million in 9 early-stage climate tech startups across Africa, bringing their total portfolio to 19 companies driving climate adaptation and resilience on the continent across 8 different markets: Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The startups mark the Catalyst Fund’s second round of investments focused explicitly on startups building resilience to climate change on the African continent. The new ventures in their portfolio tackle pressing climate-related challenges across agriculture, healthcare, energy access, and waste management. Companies include a solar cold chain solution for small-scale aquaculture in Kenya, affordable telemedicine health services in Tanzania, financing for decentralized solar energy for SMEs, AI solutions for climate-smart inputs and soil mapping, waste recycling, and more. 

“We are thrilled to invest in these 9 new ventures bringing innovative climate-smart solutions to the communities that need them most,” said Maelis Carraro, Managing Partner at the Catalyst Fund. “Their groundbreaking models directly empower farmers, healthcare providers, waste workers, and small and medium businesses to adapt to the changes brought by climate change and drive climate positive economic growth.”

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The nine new companies to receive investment are:

  • Earthbond, Nigeria: One-stop-shop for SMEs that need financing for reliable solar energy
  • Keep It Cool, Kenya: Solar cold chain solutions and e-commerce platform for the white meat value chain
  • Mazao Hub, Tanzania: AI-powered end-to-end farm management software and soil testing services for small-holder farmers
  • Medikea, Tanzania: Virtual and in-person healthcare services building resilience to climate-related health shocks
  • NoorNation, Egypt: Solar energy and water desalination solutions for farmers and rural communities
  • Scrapays, Nigeria: Digital  waste collection solution for small businesses
  • Thola, South Africa: Unlocking compliance automation for food and agriculture value chains
  • Tolbi, Senegal: Satellite data and analytics solutions to support climate-smart agricultural practices
  • Zebra Cropbank, Nigeria: Solar-powered micro-warehousing and trading solution for farmers
James Musoba
James Musoba
Studying Africa's startup and technology scene. I always look forward to discovering new exciting inventions and vibrant entrepreneurs.

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