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How to Call When There’s No Service on Your Cell Phone

Make a Wi-Fi call

First, check the settings on your phone to make sure Wi-Fi calling is enabled. By heading to options and then selecting the Cellular options page, iPhone users can enable Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is configurable within the Phone app for Android users.You should be able to make calls more or less normally after you’re connected.

Make use of an app
Many apps allow you to stay connected if your phone is able to connect to Wi-Fi. Without a cellular connection, WhatsApp users can send and receive text messages and make phone calls. This also applies to Meta’s Messenger software, which enables text, call, and video chat for users who have Facebook accounts.

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You can make phone calls using FaceTime if you own an iPhone. You can opt for an audio call, which functions similarly to a phone call, if you don’t want to reveal your face during a video chat. Google Voice allows users of iPhones and Android phones to accomplish the same task.

Use SOS in an emergency.
There is another alternative, the SOS feature on many iPhones, if you need to dial 911. The phone will immediately dial the local emergency number and report your position when you activate SOS. Additionally, it will notify any emergency contacts you have designated.

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iPhone models 14 and later will make the call using satellites, even if cell service and Wi-Fi are unavailable. It’s important that you use this feature only in an emergency.

Pick up a landline.
Envision a phone that is connected to the wall. You would use cables fastened to tall wooden poles to transmit calls made using this apparatus.

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Fiction based on science? Amazingly, this technology is still in use today! Additionally, the sound quality is frequently greater.

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