India’s Inforich Technology Solutions Launches In Africa To Build An Electronic Health Care Hub


inforich-technology-solutionsIndian medical technologies startup Inforich Technology Solutions, has said it will launch in Africa and the middle East after setting up its offices in Saudi Arabia.

Founded by Nishant Nambiar and Vinod Sasi the firm provides applications and cloud-based solutions to firms in the health sector and is especially known for Electronic Medical Records, digital medical history for patients on smart cards which the firm said make it possible for patients to have their medical history at their fingertips.

The firm is now working on an offline and online Electronic Health Records hub to help doctors know their patients simply by having their records digitized  and available to all doctors irrespective of their location in the country.

Their launch in Africa will help speed up medical diagnosis and treatment, a move expected to save lives especially of those in marginalized areas.

“We foresee a big revolution in health care sector where the medical data will play the pivotal role. We focus on developing innovative solutions which will enhance a flawless data exchange (interoperability) between different stake holder’s applications, said the founders. ” Our vision is to develop an Electronic Health Care Hub from where one can get all information relating to Health care and through which applications and devices can exchange data with all health care service providers.”