African Governments To Reserve 100 Offensive & Sensitive .Africa Domain Names To Protect National Interests


dotAfrica_logoAfrican governments now have the right to reserve 100 sensitive or offensive .Africa domain names to protect their interests and the interests of their citizens said the ZA Central Registry (ZACR).

According to Alice Munyua, dotAfrica Reserve Name List (RNL) process lead,“From 15 September 2013, governments will be able to start reserving their identified domain names.”

Munyua was speaking on the launch of dotAfrica’s Reserve Name List policy which calls all African governments to reserve certain domain names so as the governments protect their national interests and those of their citizens.

Governments can reserve names such as names countries, capital cities and major towns or religious, cultural and linguistic names especially names for languages, tribes, peoples, religious groups and names which are used or linked to governmental agencies.

Governments also have a mandate to block offensive names that might cause prejudice or hatred based on race, ethnicity, political association, gender, sexuality, religion, conscience or culture. Such names will be blocked from registration by any one. The governments will nominate representatives to identify the names to reserve in collaboration with the African Union Commission.

Munyua said only a registered government representative will be able to submit names via the Reserve Name List Portal. These names can be redeemed within the timeframe set out in the RNL policy. The  .Africa) gTLD is the brainchild of African Internet pioneers and the African Union Commission and aims to establish a single domain name to promote Africa’s people, businesses and culture online.

Endorsed by African ICT ministers, the  dot Africa gTLD launches March 2014 but in the meantime African governments can restrict  100 names with 20 applications restricted as offensive at