Ghana To Develop ICT Infrastructure In Future



Ghana’s ICT will receive a drastic make over as the Communication Minister, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, has emphasized that the government is committed to make the ICT infrastructure and tools available to all the citizens of Ghana in the future.

The Minister said that the government knows the importance of ICT to the development of the country and creation of jobs as well as expansion of the larger economy.

He said: “Our commitment to universal access is unflinching and we are not wavering at all in that.”

ICT today cannot be ignored because this is where the life of development is, what the Communication Minister in Ghana should tell us is when this make over is set to start taking shape African leaders are known for their lip-service. He could also tell us what the plans involve so that people know what to expect.

It is wise if Ghana could think about doing this things fast enough because technological trends do not stay the same for a long time, we hope they get good advice.