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Mombasa’s Travel Easy Kenya Set To Make Bus Ticketing Awesome

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mombasa photo.2Travel Easy Kenya, an application set to be launched in Mombasa wants to make bus travelling sane by introducing an online booking system for buses, taxis and cabs in the city.

Developed by Ahmed Mohamed BIT JKUAT, Yusuf Bhaiji, IT Manager at Captain Andys Fishing Ltd, Abdul Majid BIT Mt. Kenya and Huezija Dawood a high school student from Mombasa , the web-based app works simply.

One uses their social media accounts to log in, then choose the type of bus they want to travel with, choose the time and pay for the service.

Travel Easy Kenya, plans to integrate all the country’s bus booking systems so as the firms allow passengers to purchase tickets online from their system and then pay by mobile money. According to the founders, the system reduces the amount of time and money spend by passengers to move from bus company to bus company to find out about prices and schedules and also avoid the struggle that is associated with  booking buses and traveling.

“We were inspired by the craziness at bus stations during holidays. Its so hard to book a bus to go anywhere, said Yusuf Bhaiji, one of the co-founders. ” We came up with Travel Easy Kenya to end this menace.

“After logging in, you chose your destination, pick your preferred bus or cab company then proceeds to book by paying using M-Pesa or credit card. The system sends you an automatic email and SMS alert confirming your ticket is valid. At the end of the month, the bus and cab companies pay us our commission per ticket sold online.”

The team says their original market is Mombasa but they will expand across the country after roll out.

Mombasa has over 1.4 million people living there, majority of them from up-country. These travel home during holidays around the year. Many others still travel to the coastal town for their holidays burdening the city’s transport system even more. Travel Easy Kenya, when launched will help reduce that congestion at bus parking lots and significantly make the bus booking and ticketing convenient.

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