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by Sam Wakoba
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quicktellerQuickTeller, the online transaction service has partnered with pan-African integrated payment company Interswitch and Verve International, the payment card solutions division of Interswitch Transnational Holdings to launch new ‘Remember Card’ feature.

the launch will allow QuickTeller customers use Remember Card to save their Verve card details, saving time each and every time they use the service to make a transaction. The service is now available for customers using QuickTeller online and on their mobiles via and


To enjoy Remember Card when making transactions QuickTeller customers must enable their Verve cards for Safetoken™, the online security tool, then login to the QuickTeller service using and verifying the phone number they have registered for Safetoken™. Users will then be able to tie all their ATM cards to their phone number.


Once the service has been enabled QuickTeller customers will only have to enter their CVV2 and PIN when making transactions.


With the Remember Card feature customers will experience quicker and more efficient transactions but will not have to compromise on security. The Remember Card feature utilises Safetoken™, the very latest in online security technology that protects customers against unauthorized use of their cards online through the generation of one-time-passwords (OTPs).


Interswitch has a track record in delivering the state of the art security and technology that is second to none. In 2013, Interswitch completed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) certification, the highest global security certification, for the third year in a row. In 2010, when Interswitch was first PCIDSS certified, it was the only company in West Africa to have achieved the certification and has since been working with its partner banks to improve their security.


QuickTeller allows cardholders to access services such as: phone recharge, bill payment, cash withdrawal, funds transfer and cashback. More than one million people use QuickTeller every month through ATMs, point of sale terminals, kiosks, their mobile phones or online.


Mr. Mitchell Elegbe, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Interswitch Transnational Holdings, said:“The launch of QuickTeller’s Remember Card feature will make the service easier and more convenient to use without compromising on security. We are committed to extending this new time saving innovation to as many of our customers as possible and will also be launching Remember Card on selected partner sites soon.”


Mr Charles Ifedi, Chief Executive Officer, Verve International, said:  “As the home-grown Nigerian payment card Verve is always on the lookout for new ways that we can better meet the needs of Nigerians and the Nigerian market. We are proud to be the first card to sign up to QuickTeller’s Remember Card service and extend its new time saving features to our customers.”


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