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Intel Unveils 4th Generation Intel Core In South Africa

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Intel has unleashed its 4th generation Intel Core i processor in South Africa. This will enable a new ge

neration of ultra-book devices and two-in-one systems that deliver a PC and tablet experience in one device.

The new processor, Vince Resente Intel’s territory manager for sub-Saharan Africa said, will allow

laptops and tablets to run all day on a single battery charge while delivering graphics and performance.

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“The new processors deliver a 50 percent improvement in battery life, which translates to over nine hours in some systems, and deliver incredible visual experiences in even the thinnest of devices,” he said.

Systems powered by the new processor can wake up approximately eight times faster, handle everyday computing tasks close to four times faster, and make video editing and sharing about 16 times faster than a similar four-year-old PC.

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The new processor will see the rise of two-in-one devices, enabling users to switch between keyboard and touch, laptop and tablet mode.

The new two-in-one devices offer; a mobile device with low weight, thin design and long battery life, apps ecosystem, instant on and touch just like a tablet and also like a laptop it offers full PC performance and productivity, supporting PC applications and key usages, and the choice to use touch, type, or mouse to interact.

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“People no longer have to choose between laptops and tablets – they can now have everything they love about a tablet and everything they need in a laptop, in one device,” says Resente.

Resente also noted that consumers want their mobile devices to cope with heavier consumption tasks like fast and seamless video streaming.

“Now we’re seeing creation and productivity tasks – like sharing images over email on-the-go, reviewing work presentations and creating and editing videos – that have traditionally been associated with larger and more substantial computing devices are making their way into more mobile devices,” he said.

This is very efficient, having one device that has a function of two, its like carrying your entire office in your wallet.

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Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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