Nigeria’s Hits One Year | Announces Launch Of Pick-Up Points Across The Country


gloongFormerly known as BuyCommonThings, Nigeria’s has hit one year and is on course to be the country’s biggest online supermarket. Speaking to TechMoran, the startup revealed plans to launch pick-up points to enable its same-day delivery service countrywide.

Dr. Olumide Adedolapo Olusanya, who quit medicine to start last year told TechMoran, “We will soon launch our offline pick-up points-kind of physical stores to help reach out to many buyers across Nigeria. Our Same-Day Delivery service is the fastest in Nigeria. We have covered Lagos Metro and are tidying up resources for full national coverage.” praises its existing investors for the faith they have in them and the team’s solid support. The startup aims to be the country’s leading online supermarket regardless of the challenges.

Dr Olusanya told TechMoran, ” We have had the common challenges that every startup typically faces and have used our God-given creativity to overcome these. We remain focused on realizing the Vision, of being Nigeria’s Biggest Supermarket, and fulfilling our mission, of changing the way Nigerians shop for living essentials.”

glooimageOlusanya added that building an enduring business requires equal amounts of urgency and patience which he has become very good and even learning to how to balance the two seeming incompatibles.

At the moment, Gloo wants to cover Nigeria’s ecommerce market before thinking of launching anywhere else. They are not afraid of the growing competition in the country form firms such as and Jumia, both with great financial muscles. Dr. Olusanya says offering customers better value via same-day delivery, wide selection of supermarket goods online, at the best of prices, and done with legendary customer service will keep them abreast of everyone.

With just one year on its CV, the same-day delivery pure-play electronic retailing service  aim to do to supermarket shopping in Nigeria what Amazon did to book shopping in the US.