Charge Your Devices With A Cooking Pot



How about getting your devices charged with a cooking pot? Sounds funny but that’s the power of the Power-Pot. It is a thermoelectric generator, meaning it will convert any heat source directly into power that charges your USB handheld device.

So this is how it works, you add water to the Power-Pot and place it over a heat source. The device comes with a flame resistant cord, so the next thing one will do is plug in your device and it will start charging and it is as fast as the standard outlet.

The pot can be heated from any heat source from normal stove, camp fire, wood stove, propane/butane heat source, home range, or even a hot spring.

This gadget cum utensil is  waterproof, flame-resistant, portable as it weighs 340g and works anytime and anywhere. It can charge various devices; smartphones, GPS navigation, GoPros, digital cameras, lights, headlamps, radios, water purifiers and many more.

So why not cook your food and charge your phone or other devices at the same time, call it next level technology.