CEO Weekends:Canonical Unveils Ubuntu 13.10 For Both Smartphones And Desktop


The software being the  company’s very first true mobile release delivers the streamlined core OS and mobile user interface that could make way for full device convergence.

“This is a milestone in Ubuntu’s history; the exact same Ubuntu OS runs on ARM phones and modern HP Moonshot ARM servers, and provides exactly the same capability as x86 platforms,” said Rick Spencer, leader, Ubuntu consumer-facing engineering.

Canonical still wants to bring their range of smartphones into the market by 2014 and are working to meet the deadline, although they their attempt to manufacture the phones through crowdfunding had failed to meet the minimal amount.

“Thanks to our passionate community of early adopters and designers we’ve built a unique experience for end-users and for developers: one UI framework that scales across all the personal computing form factors” said Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu and Canonical founder.

The smartphone manufacturing industry seems to be a very lucrative business that many wan to venture in now that most people have one and will continue purchasing the latest and the most advanced. It will come a time that everyone in the world, even in the remotest place, people will be having smartphone based on the rate at which new smart phones are being manufactured. Besides that, the big question is will Canonical penetrate the smartphone market? Panasonic gave up the venture due to very high competition will Ubuntu manage this?