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God Forbid: Google Launches Handwriting Feature For Gmail & Google Docs

by Sam Wakoba
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Xiangye Xiao, Product Manager at Google  says we shall all be able to use our own handwriting when composing emails or documents. Users will be able to use their own handwriting to input words directly into Gmail and Google Docs with their mouse or trackpad.
This will make signing documents easier and also drawing that quick cartoon to your friends, but its a horror to some guys with crappy handwriting!

Xiao said,” We offer wide language support, however in some cases using the keyboard is less than ideal. Whether you’re a student trying to include a foreign phrase in your paper or an international consultant hoping to begin your message with a friendly local greeting, now you’ll be able to use your own handwriting.”

Available for both Gmail or Docs, users select the handwriting input which is represented by a pencil icon of the language they want to use. One can write a single or even multiple characters at once and the service is available for over 20 languages in Google Docs and over 50 languages in Gmail, including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Russian.

“Handwriting input makes the internet easier to use by people worldwide and is also part of a larger effort to break the barrier between languages, check it out in Google Mobile Search, Google Translate (Web, Android and iOS), and the Chrome browser,”said the firm.

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