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New Technologies Driving Automation & Business Value Across Africa-Piilo HR Software

by Sam Wakoba
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piiloHR and people management software and services firm Piilo has said that new technologies are driving automation and business value across Africa.

According to Piilo Software’sCEO Phil Lötter, the firm is is currently engaging resellers across 10 African countries with very positive response.

“Since the official launch of Piilo in May 2013, our database has grown to more than 25 000 users across Africa with prospects across East and West African Countries.”

“With rapid improvement of IT infrastructure across Africa, new technologies are making automation more affordable. What is really interesting is that due to the inherent simplicity of new technologies and the flexible pricing models we are able to offer, there isn’t really a specific industry or company size making use of our software but it rather spans across a wide variety of sectors.” Says Lötter

“Another interesting point is that the buyers of new technologies have shifted from being traditional the IT manager to business management. The visibility of Cloud Computing, Mobility and the financial benefits are making this a discussion topic for executive and operational management, as it is these individuals who are making the decisions about the technology they want to utilise across their businesses.We have seen that 46% of the buyers are executive management and only 7% of the purchases are made by IT management.”

Phil Lotter

Phil Lotter

From an industry point of view, Piilo cuts across most industries with the major ones being: Services, Government, Transportation, Finance and Insurance, Utilities, Communications, Construction, Retail and Wholesale, Internet and software and Mining and Health Care. The top three HR software needs these companies have are performance management, career and skills development and employee data management.

New technologies are leveling the playing field in terms of HR technology, which has traditionally only been accessible to big corporates. Through competitive and flexible pricing models and the ease of use, all business can ensure that they have the very best in people management practices in place. “We see Africa as a key focus of our operations in the next 3 years and want to provide valuable solutions to our African customers and partners.” Lötter explained.

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