Standard Bank Remakes Its Banking Halls


standard bank

Banking has switched gears and there fewer queues in the banking hall because a good number of the customers are now using their phones as banking halls.  Well, one can be allowed to think that in years to come all bank building will be eliminated and banking will involve customer and phone.

Contrary to what is expected Standard Bank has launched its new Generation 8 branches in selected markets with new technology and a new look-and feel based on updated branch layout principles.

For any bank to engage in bank renovation could be making a dangerous risk because this facilities are to be faced off pretty soon, but standard bank doesn’t consider this as a risk, in fact the bank thinks that the traditional method of banking will still be alive in Kenya, therefore to make sure that their customers have the best of everything they are making a mega transformation in their banks.

This renovation the bank says will provide a new generation of services which give positive, smart, value-added experiences to “connected” customers.

“Branches are still vital for interacting with our customers and developing long-term human relationships,” says Hannah Sadiki, head of customer channels at Standard Bank. “So we’ve created a banking experience that will deliver on their expectations, improve their interaction with our staff and provide enhanced value-added services in-branch for them to interface with while they wait.”

The first Gen 8 branches in service include Woodlands Boulevard in Pretoria and Bedford Centre in Bedfordview. The Alice Lane Branch in Sandton, and branches at the V&A Waterfront and Constantia Village, both in Cape Town, are due to open this month. Another three will be open by the end of this year, and an additional two to three next year.

So what is it about this renovation;

  •  A modern, warmer look and feel
  • Smart positioning of furniture, equipment and signage
  • Better positioning of staff, who have been trained to visually identify clients in need of assistance and improve queue management;
  • Seating innovations in the waiting area;
  • Self-service banking in waiting areas that have wireless connectivity
  • Given the rapid evolution of technology, smart, modular design has been incorporated to allow for the integration of new devices without having to reconstruct the entire space.