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Camera Technology Detects a Human Soul Leaving Its Body at Death

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Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death

In hospitals worldwide, it may soon be possible for doctors or even family members determine the exact time of death of their loved ones, as Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov has discovered a technique that can capture the timing and actual disembodiment in which a spirit leaves its body.

This technique developed by the Korotov, the Director of the Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg, is already being endorsed as a medical technology by the Ministry of Russia of which over 300 doctors worldwide use for the stress and monitoring progress of patients treated for terminal diseases like cancer.

Korotov’s new technique uses a bioelectrographic camera that captures the images of a body using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique that shows in blue hues the life force of a dying person leaving his/her body gradually. This technique, which measures real-time and stimulated radiation is amplified by the electromagnetic field is an advanced version of the technology developed for measuring Semyon Kirlian aura. It is said that Korotkov observations confirm, as proposed by Kirili, that “stimulated electro-photonic light around the tips of the fingers of the human being contains coherent and comprehensive statement of a person, both physically and psychologically.”

Developed by the Russian Scientist, the technique shows that the navel and the head are the areas of the body that first lose their life force while the groin and the heart are the final areas where the “spirit” departs. Korotov notes that his energy imaging technique could be used to show all kinds of biophysical imbalances and carry out diagnosis.

In other cases, it is said that Korotkov discovered that “the soul” of people that suffer or die a violent death manifest a state of confusion in their power settings and return to the body in the days before death, due to a surplus of “unused energy”.

According to Korotkov there is also an effect in the bioenergy field with food, water and even cosmetics. He also warns of cell phone use and their negative radiation often being carcinogenic, which several studies seem to confirm, notes socialconciousness.com.

Similar to Rupert Sheldrake’s experiment of the feeling of being watched, the Russian scientist notes that the reason behind the phenomena is due to a person’s bioenergy field change when someone else directs his or his attention even though it’s not consciously perceived, identified as “sixth sense”.

In all, analysts predict that Korotkov discovery is optimistic signifying an advancement in the scientific world, of which, schools especially those in Russia, would begin teaching kids to factually recognize the use of energy captured through this camera technology.


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