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GOtv Kenya Signs Xmas Partnership To Reward K24 Viewers With 3 Decoders Per Day.

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Signing the Xmas promo partnership

Leading mass market pay television brand, GOtv and leading broadcaster, Mediamax Group have launched a Digital Migration Christmas promotion in a bid to ensure Kenyans enjoy a smooth transition into the digital arena on 13 of this month.

Mediamax Group Executive Director, Granton Samboja said K24 viewers stand a chance to win 3 decoders daily as the broadcaster takes a lead to enhance the understanding of the impending signal switch-off to their listeners and viewers.

“We shall carry out a simple trivia question regarding digital migration daily and the answer should be sent to the K24 short code 20001 starting with the word “Digital”, revealed Mr Samboja.

All winners shall be directly notified the following day. Listeners are also encouraged to tune in to Mediamax radio subsidiaries – Milele, Kameme, Mayian and Meru FM stations.

According the Communication Commission of Kenya, Digital migration will ensure that the country complies with the worldwide analogue switch off deadline of 17th June 2015.

GOtv decoders are a convenient migration option as it has both pay TV and Free-To-Air (FTA) choices on a single set-top box without the need to acquire an extra box.

The cost for the first instalment is Ksh3,399/- which includes a decoder and 2 months GOtv Plus subscription. The second instalment of Ksh2,600/- is due at the end of the 2 months for those not able to continue with pay TV.

GOtv pay bouquets are affordable and are currently going for Sh599/- per month for over 20 PAY AND over 30 FTA channels while the second package GOtv Plus goes for only Sh849/- per month and offers over 30 pay channels and over 30 FTA channels designed to keep your family entertained with great news, movies, kids programming and sport; the third bouquet, GOtv Open, provides the best solution for television consumers to receive their local free to air channels in digital quality for a once off Administration fee.

Apart from a once-off, non-refundable Administration fee of Sh2,600/-, there is currently no additional monthly charge.


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