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Google has been slapped a fine of 150,000 Euros (approximately $200,000) following non-compliant unified privacy policy in relation to the French law.

In addition to the fine, France’s privacy regulatory organization has demanded that the company post a warning on its French home page that states that the privacy policy from March 1, 2012 does not comply with French law.

“The extent of Google’s data collection, as well as by the necessity to inform the persons concerned who are not in a capacity to exercise their rights,” Justified CNIL on its demand that Google post the warning having found that the new policy had violated several provisions of the French Data Protection Act.

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The committee however appreciates Google’s intent to streamline its privacy policy into one but still feels the consumer’s personal data is not sufficiently protected.

Google has been accused of not sufficiently informing its users of the conditions in which their personal data are processed not even of the processing purposes and data collection purposes. Consequently, consumers are not able to exercise their right of access, objection or deletion. Among others is the self-permit of the company to combine all the data it collects about its users across all of its services without any legal basis.

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Google spokesperson assured the public of their full engagement with CNIL through the process, to explain their privacy policy and how it allows them to create simpler and more effective services.


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