NairaTweets, Nigeria’s Twitter Marketing Platform Wants to Spread Your Messages to the Right Audience



NairaTweets, the publishing network of Twitter users and advertisers, boasting of a reach of over 2,000,000 people and over 4000 social media users/influencers wants to help you spread your messages to the right audience.

The platform, developed by Exolve Technologies Limited is a twitter marketing platform giving users updates on their products every time they are mentioned and as well as provides the platform for clients to interact with their customers and sign up more.

After joining the platform online, one can start a campaign, schedule tweets intended to go out on the platform or just compose and tweet instantly.

According to Gbenga Jayeoba, Media Manager at,  “More Advertisers find Nairatweets 2.0 easy to use because of high response and level of user engagement on their campaigns, detailed analytics, maximum control on marketing budget and wider reach of their target audience. Not only do we continue to offer new and improved methods, we actually seek out industry standards and new processes that make our product continually work for our customers.”

The platform also has a feature that allows users to cash out their earnings instantly; recharge cards or bank transfer via a Mobile Money Platform. The mobile money platform also allows Nairatweets ability to use their earnings to pay bills, transfer funds to bank accounts and airtime recharge anywhere, anytime.

Advertisers can also use the Vuvaa Mobile Money Platform to fund their campaigns, communicate with the influencers on the platform and view the detailed statistics of their brand campaign. It also gives them control over what the influencers say and detailed analytics to track their spending and monitor the campaign’s reach.

Nairatweets packages for SMEs  include:

Sponsored tweets:  This is the basic marketing model on NairaTweets. You create a campaign, set a budget for it and a daily spending limit. Influencers join the campaign and compose their unique tweets/messages. The tweets are scheduled to go out at peak periods through our twitter and Facebook applications to their timelines and they get paid per tweet/message depending on their tweet worth (based on number of followers/friends). The platform is engaging and efficient because users make the tweets/messages in their own words and words that relate to their followers and you can view and moderate these tweets/messages before they are sent out.

Social Engagement Events: These are events we host from time to time on the advertisers handle and is co-hosted by @naira_tweets and some of the influencers on the campaign. It’s an engagement even where questions are asked relating to the advertiser and prizes are given to the most participatory users. We host one on Sundays called #GiveAwaySunday and we can create special events too based on the advertiser.

Brand Endorsements:  With a large number of influential users on our platform you can have endorsers who talk about your service from time to time and also recommend it on their social media platforms.

Social Media Management: We can also manage your social media channel which includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Our management involves creating custom interfaces on Facebook and YouTube and also getting more followers and fans for the channel.


Some of the campaigns the firm carried out include;

Etisalat #EasyBlaze


In a bid to engage a large mass of youth on twitter with etisalat’s fast internet service, a promo for the #easyblaze internet service was launched and users where encouraged to use etisalat’s logo as their display picture and also make tweets to win free internet data.


With our unique services like the avatar billboard and our reach of over 1 million people, we flooded twitter with #Easyblaze tweets and people using the etisalat logo as their display pictures.


The results were overwhelming with the reach and buzz we generated.  A lot of people got involved, got free internet data and also spread the news to their friends and even after the promo ended, a lot of people left the etisalat logo as their twitter display picture thereby giving increasing the value of the campaign.

Smirnoff Midnight Circus


In other to gain more audience and retain loyalty, NairaTweets was approached for its ability to deliver on her words through social media engagement and marketing strategies.


Based on market research and audience appeal, The Smirnoff Midnight Circus was fronted by a Ringmaster – none other than our own Ikechukwu, Ringmaster Ikechukwu in the run up to the Smirnoff Midnight Circus events made surprise stops at bars and clubs around Nigeria.

Engagement hash tag #smirnoffcircruise Trended in Lagos and competition on Cocktail Mixtures for Smirnoff developed.

Thus helping to project the drink .Also various engaging tweets was sent out to inform the target audience


People became actively involved, through their tweets – thousands of tweets composed –  and submission for the cocktail competition – over a hundred people  participated. Some of our tweeters got free tickets for the Smirnoff Midnight Circus. The awareness for the Smirnoff Brand was greatly improved.